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Welcome to CritFaced!!! Any new applicants please register your account with the website and answer the questions as they appear. After the applications have been approved and your registry here is complete you will recieve your first promotion to embed you within our ranks!! Applications must be filled out within 30 days of your join date, as well as a response to the guild rules and policies in the Information link. We are happy to have you as part of the team and look forward to more with you!!
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A fresh reminder

THECastorTroy, Mar 26, 11 2:28 PM.
I just wanted to drop a line to say hello, and to remind everyone about a few little things that I think have gone by the wayside. First of all i want to apologize for my lack of involvement in the evenings. Real Life has (and will always) taken priority lately, and until the schedule at my jobs gets worked out, it will probably remain that way. That being said, I wanted to remind everyone about a few key ideals of the guild that we need to maintain focus on...

First and foremost, we are here for each other FIRST. Everything we do should be achieved as a team, helping each other in every way possible. We should be communicating with each other, helping out when we can when asked, and at least replying when we can't. Ignoring guildies and treating guildies with disrespect is not what we are about, never have been and never will be. Nobody ever said you have to stop what you are doing to help every time, but a simple response is easy and shows respect for your fellow guildies. You would be surprised how lack of communication can destroy an otherwise excellent guild.

Secondly, please for all that is holy, READ AND RESPOND to the calendar!! If you can't make it, mark declined. If you are unsure, mark tentative.....its not the calendar and click a button. I can say it's pretty frustrating to make a schedule because people want to raid/run heroics, and the majority of the people invited don't even take a few seconds to reply to the calendar. If the calendar is blinking for you, that means you are invited, period. REPLY!!! You wouldn't ignore an offer for a date....becasue it is disrespectful to not respond, same principle applies. If it is a matter of not knowing how to use the calendar function, speak up!!! I myself have no trouble explaining something, and will happily do so, as would many other guildies. There is no noob question, we all had to learn sometime!! If it's simply a matter of laziness, keep that in mind when I decide to lazily forget to build the schedule one tuesday and you get angry because we don't have anything planned. If you don't reply because the times don't work, send me a mail letting me know your available times and at LEAST click declined on the map. I cannot read minds and I don't have as much face time to talk with each person individually about their schedule and needs. An in game mail or mail on the website is not hard, and the officers of the guild even have my cell number if needed, and it will help me help you!!!

Lastly, due to thinning Officer ranks, we will be looking for new officers to help out. If you have any nominations you would like to submit or would like to offer yourself, send me a mail. Please keep in mind the good old quote: "With great power comes great responsibilty". Lol I dont expect you to be working your butt off as an officer, but there are duties that are delegated out. As an officer you will be expected to help carry out those duties, with any help you may need of course, which does mean that some of your logged on time being used selflessly for others in need.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a rant or tyrade, and in a way I guess it is, but I really just want everyone to realize that in the years that I have been a GM I have learned that issues sucha s these are potent and destructive to a guild, and MUST be repaired quickly to avoid a guild collapse. If youa re unclear about any policy or guideline, please feel free to read the forums or ask if you cannot find the answer you are looking for. I love you all and want us to succeed, but without working together this will never happen. and as a footnote, this is still the BEST GUILD EVAR!!!! Let's keep it that way.

Thank you

Hello everyone!!!

THECastorTroy, Jan 2, 11 1:16 PM.

I wanted to take quick moment to welcome our new guildies and to say Happy New Year!!! Here we go with another calendar year filled with raids and runs, woot woot!!! If you are reading thsi you are already registered with the website or are doing that right now (hint hint) and that is awesome!! Please remember you have 2 weeks from your guild invite date to get registered here, and if you plan on raiding with us regularly you MUST reply to raid rules and vent rules in the forums. We want everyone possible running with us, working with us, and having fun the CritFaced way!!!

With the new year we have many new faces, and we welcome each and every one of you to our family. With so many new ones I thought I might take a quick minute to bring up a couple quick values we have as a guild that we have founded CritFaced on and hold true...

1) We are family. We spend countless hours together, working together, talking with each other. As a result, we get to know the people behind the toons. Please keep that focus and respect each other as if they were in your house right next to you. We encourage having a good time without too many rules, but our rules are common sense, do not hurt each other in the process.

2) We don't spam "trade lines" in guild/party/raid chat. We don't measure e-peens with recount spams all the time, if you want to see recount, get the addon. We don't spam walls of macro text, and above all we don't sell/buy from each other. If you are in CritFaced then you will get everything any guildie can craft for free, as well as offering the same in return. Use the guild roster, look up who has the profession/ability you need, and contact that guildie in-game, they will help out asap without question. Supplying mats is fine (and even encouraged) but we don't charge fees, sell items, or tip each other. Reciprocation is payment enough...besides we are a family, would you charge your mother for dinner

That is enough for now, just remember...treat others in the guild with the same respect as you expect, and if there are any issues, PLEASE come to me or one of my officers, we are there for you to make it work, this is YOUR guild too!!!

Let's own Vashj in 2011...remember, we aren't the biggest, but we are the BEST!!!!!!

The winds they are a-Changin'

THECastorTroy, Nov 19, 10 1:06 AM.
Hello guildies!! I thought it appropriate given the holiday to extend a big Thanks and Congrats to all of you for making CritFaced the best guild Vashj has ever seen!! Those that know us know, and those that don't are clueless anyway!!

With the upcoming xpac, I feel it is time to brush up on a few of our guild policies and rules, to fine tune our guild moving forward. With the confirmed guild xp scaling for smaller guilds in Cata, there is absolutely no need for a large guild, so this plays right into one of our core values. This could not be any better for us!! We will continue to SELECTIVELY recruit, filling in only where needed, but not grabbing just any nonguilded pug we run with. I love our guild and if they don't match up to us, we don't need them!! Quality, not quantity....and we are quality!!!

Over the next week, we will be revamping, simplifying, and reposting our guild rules, raid rules, addons etc. After next week, to raid with us you must reply to the new posts, which means those who are not registered on the website will not be raiding. I feel it is important for all of us to be on the same page, working as one unit to move into Cata. We will be learning new dungeons and raids, and enjoying new content with each other, let's make it worthwhile by working together.

So now you have to keep an eye on the forums here, and always keep an eye to the sky....Deathwing is Coming!!!

Castor Troy
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